Our Financing Solutions Are as Varied as the Portfolio Companies We Serve

Our financing solutions are tailored to fit a company’s development stage and industry sector, as well as its growth objectives.

These solutions include the following:
Growth Capital Financing
  • Capital extension (cushion to reach next milestones or additional milestones)
  • Company, asset, or intellectual property acquisition financing
  • Convertible, subordinated and mezzanine loans
  • Domestic and international corporate expansion
  • Management buy-outs and corporate spinout financing
  • Revenue acceleration (sales and marketing development, manufacturing expansion, etc.)
  • Vendor financing
  • Other growth capital financings
Asset-Based Financing
  • Accounts receivable facilities
  • Cash flow
  • Equipment acquisition
  • Equipment loans or leases
  • Facilities build-out and/or expansion (lab, manufacturing capacity, etc.)
  • Inventory
  • Working capital revolving lines of credit
  • Other asset-based financings
IPO, M&A and Public Company Financing
  • Bridge financing to IPO or M&A or technology acquisition
  • Cash flow financing to protect against share price volatility
  • Competitor acquisition
  • Dividend recapitalizations and other sources of investor liquidity
  • Pre-IPO financing for extra cash on the balance sheet
  • Public company financing to continue asset growth and production capacity
  • Short-term bridge financing
  • Strategic and intellectual property acquisition financings
Other Types of Financing Solutions
  • Seed and early-stage financing to help launch new companies
  • Other customized financing solutions